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Talent class Handball


Team Haderslev YMCA and Talent class Handball line.

Why is Team Haderslev YMCA involved?

Team Haderslev YMCA has chosen to join talent classes (grades 7-8-9) at Kløvermark School, as the club wants to support Haderslev Municipality and Talentcenter Haderslev's initiative on elite sports and talent development in collaboration with Team Denmark.

The talent class Handball line is a good opportunity for talent development in an elitist environment, where serious and athletically qualified young people work. By having players in the talent class, the club has the opportunity to further develop the local youth players, who must help ensure a good future potential in Danish handball.

The ideas behind the talent class are that talents must be developed. Therefore, the "handball line" is not for everyone either. The club has thus chosen that a player who wants admission to the talent class with handball must go through training sessions and an interview before admission to the handball line.

In addition, there are a large number of expectations and requirements that admitted students and their parents commit to.

In return, the club will at all times try to provide the best possible framework and qualified coaches.

Read more about the Talent Class here

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