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We want good cooperation with handball parents, therefore we have set up the following 10 good suggestions.

1. Show up for training and matches when your child wants to.


2. Give encouragement to all players during the match - not just your own son or daughter.


3. Give encouragement in both ups and downs. do not give unjustified criticism, but positive and guiding criticism.


4. Respect the coach's use of players - do not try to influence him/her during the match.


5. See the judge as a guide - do not criticize his/her decisions.


6. encourage your child to participate - do not pressure.


7. ask if the match was exciting and fun - not just about the result.


8. ensure correct and reasonable equipment for your child.


9. show respect for the work in the club - support initiatives for annual parent meetings, where you can clarify ambitions and attitudes.

you don't need any other prerequisites to take part in the club's life, other than desire and commitment.


10. think about your child playing handball - not you.

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